What's Happening This Week...

We have a series of FUN and ENGAGING activities planned for you to participate in every weekday. Both synchronously (at a specific scheduled timed) and asynchronously (on your own time). These activities will include both workouts, fitness-based activities, and social events for you to begin REVEALING YOUR CHAMPION alongside your fellow athletes. Along with these activities and events, you can look forward to a variety of SPECIAL GUESTS including: Chef Anthony; sports and fitness experts; fellow Special Olympics Athletes; and MORE!!

We will keep this page updated with a schedule of events for the LIVE events you can participate in- Links will be provided in your weekly update email and through our RYC'22 Facebook Group. After an event has occured we will provide a link to the recording on this page.

If you have any questions be sure to connect with one of your House Captains!

Mingle Monday, January 17

Get ready for an awesome superhero week by joining Emma, Jordena, Izzy , and Amy to make super hero masks for Mingle Monday!

Join us at 7pm EST and make sure you have paper/ construction paper, scissors, string/ ribbon, markers or coloring pencils.

If you would like to have a mask template, visit this LINK and print out your template.

Check out the Facebook Group or connect with your House Captain to get the link for tonight's event!


Tough Tuesday, January 18

Alphabet Workout...

Take out your exercise gear and get ready for an intense alphabet incorporated workout!

Join Justin at 6 pm EST for this week's edition of Tough Tuesday!


Mental Training, January 18th

Join Kimberly Campos on January 18th at 7pm EST for this months Mental Training segment on Mental Toughness.

Mental toughness is something an athlete has, and something they do. Mental toughness incorporates cognitive, behavioral, and affective strategies that are adaptive, help one cope with stress and adversity, and protects one’s sense of self, self-esteem, and self-efficacy.

Mentally tough athletes can face setbacks, and handle stress and pressure more effectively, which is why mental toughness is so coveted by coaches and athletes. Often, the athlete who can stay in their flow under pressure is the one who succeeds.



Workout Wednesday, January 19

Nothing like jumping into January then a fun jump rope workout!

Join Amy, Charlie, Maham, and Emma at 7pm EST for a jump rope inspired workout on Workout Wednesday.

Make sure to bring the superhero masks you made on Monday to wear during the workout!

A jump rope is not required but can be used.

Live Facebook Workout, January 20th

Join Courtney on Thursday, January 20th at 3pm EST for a live RYC'22 workout on Facebook!

Courtney ran Facebook lives for us throughout 2021 and she can't wait to come back to join the RYC'22 program. She is a fourth year kinesiology student and plays for her school’s soccer team. She love exercising and can’t wait to host Facebook Live workouts for you all. 

Coutney is looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday and to help motivate you to Reveal Your Champion this year!



Trivia Thursday, January 20

Scavenger Hunt

Dust off your magnifying glass and get ready to scavenge around your home for a variety of items!

Join Natalia and Allison at 7:30 pm EST for this week's Trivia Thursday, scavenger hunt!


Use #RevealYourChampion and be sure to tag us on social media!